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Let's Get Tactical

“Tactical Urbanism” is a method in which tacticians utilize small scale/cheap interventions or projects to improve a given place.  These projects are generally simple and temporary.  There is limited downside (loss of a few bucks) with a high upside (significant investment once the potential benefit is realized).

Examples of projects include: temporary paint to mark pedestrian crossings, use of cones to identify bike paths on a street, and setting up chairs in a park.  There are literally an infinate amount of projects that can be implemented.  Additional examples can be found in "Tactical Urbanism Vol. 1" and "Tactical Urbanism Vol. 2." 

The idea behind tactical urbanism is that if one of these cheap/easy projects gains interest, it could lure a significant investment to make it permanent.  It is essentially a trial and error method for improving a place.

The process for tactical urbanism goes as follows: Build -> Measure -> Learn.

First a project must be identified and then built. Remember, tactical urbanism projects are cheap, easy and temporary. 

Measuring the success of a project is important. Baseline data (e.g. number of pedestrians crossing street/day, number of bikers using the street, number of people in a park) should be obtained before a project is implemented.  Data should again be obtained after the project is complete. 

The last step in the cycle is “learn.”  This includes analyzing the results of the project (e.g. looking at data, speaking with neighborhood residents) and figuring out ways to improve similar projects the next time around.

If you have ideas for tactical urbanism projects in Northeast Brainerd, get a hold of us- or better yet, go out and do them.   

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